July 2017 - June 2018 Sponsored Athletes

The intent of this status system is to develop deserving athletes and help them get the National and International experience necessary to eventually represent the USVI at the Olympic Games. Our funding is extremely limited and must be used where it has been earned. VISA is in no way discouraging athletes from attending events on their own.

  • “A” – Olympic Status
    Qualified for Olympics / World Match Racing
  • “B” – International Status
    Top 10% in three Core Regattas, Pan Am Games Eligible
  • “C” – National Status
    CAC Games eligible and / or top 15% in three Core Regattas
  • “D” – Local Status
    Notable local sailors not yet finishing in the top 15% in three Core Regattas

Our Current/Past Sponsored Athletes

Athletes Supported
Sailing International
International Medals Won