Sailor Status Guideline to Qualify for VISA and VIOC Funding

  • Updated 6/1/06, 7/1/06, 8/10/08, 6/15/09, 5/10/10, 7/1/12, 4/22/15, 5/19/16, 2/14/17, 5/22/18, 5/15/19, 6/16/23, 11/24/23


  • To develop deserving athletes and help them get the National and International experience necessary to eventually represent the USVI at the Olympic Games.
  • Our funding is extremely limited and must be used where it has been earned; VISA is in no way discouraging athletes from attending events on their own.
  • To receive funds from VISA, the athlete must be a member of VISA, submit a completed sailing resume, and sign the documentation that states they are under both the VI Olympic Committee and VISA by laws each year in June.
  • The amount of funds to be received by an athlete will be determined by their earned status.
  • Status will be determined when the athlete has met the requirements of each status.


  • The Vice President of VISA will administer this program with a committee of two additional people appointed by the Executive Committee.
  • This committee will receive resumes submitted by sailors and make a status determination from the resumes submitted.
  • The committee will award status level if criteria are met.
  • The Athletes shall present a schedule of events they hope to sail in the upcoming year
    • Regional Games: Beach Games and Central American Caribbean Games (CAC)
      • Athletes shall let VISA know of their interest 1 year prior to these Games and what boat the athlete intends to sail.
    • Regional / World Games: Pan Am Games and Olympics
      • Athletes shall let VISA know of their interest 2 years prior to these Games and what boat the athletes intend to sail.
    • Youth Worlds:
      • Athletes shall let VISA know of their interest 1 year prior to these games and what boat the athlete intends to sail.
  • An allotment of funds will be designated by VISA each year in June, to be divided proportionally among those sailors who achieve A, B, or C status. These funds may be used for travel, accommodations, entry fees, food, coaching, rentals, and equipment.
  • Sailors must submit invoices and proof of payment to be reimbursed by VISA.

Events considered for Status:

  • Local events: Held annually within the USVI, BVI, and PUR.
  • Core Events: Held annually and have competitive fleets, primarily outside the Caribbean.

Core Events: Optimist, Sunfish, 420 / I420, 29er, ILCA 4/6/7, Highschool / College

  • High School / College Events: National Championships where the athlete must be in A division, and has sailed 90% of the races will be considered as a Core Event for fleet racing only.
  • College: All American will be considered as one B status event result.
  • Regional / World Games: Any medal will make the athlete B Status or better.
  • World Championships
  • Europeans
  • North  / South Americans
  • Nationals
  • Mid-Winters
  • Any qualifying event for Pan Am or Olympics

Additional Core Events/ Clarification / Classes

Orange Bowl STYC IOR New Englands Sunshine State Champs
Club 420
Orange Bowl Canadian Nationals New Englands Sunshine State Champs
I 420
Orange Bowl US Youth Champs
Orange Bowl, ILCA Major Regattas US Youth Champs, US Championships Buzzards Bay, CORK Olympic Classes Regatta US Open Series, Atlantic & Pacific Coast Championships
Orange Bowl US Youth Champs

Local Events

  • MLK – St. Thomas
  • BVI Champs – BVI
  • Pan Pepin – Puerto Rico
  • Crucian Open – St. Croix
  • Columbus Day – St. Thomas

Status Levels

“Not Active”

  • Former ranked athletes who are not actively campaigning and have not submitted a resume and schedule of events planned.
  • Athletes will receive no funding until they become active through submitting a resume in either June or December.

Local Status – D

  • Athlete who has not reached top 20% in Local Events.
  • Athletes are eligible to participate in Club or VISA sponsored clinics, at a fee of $50.00 a day.
  • The Athlete will be recognized on the VISA website.
  • The Athlete will receive no funding from VISA.

National Status – C

  • Athletes finishing in the top 10% in three Local Events and one Core Event, finishing in the top 15% in a boat that sailed in the Regional / World Games the last two years./li>
  • This Athlete is CAC Games eligible;
  • The Athlete will receive a stipend set by VISA each year, which may be used to cover approved event expenses.
  • Athletes are eligible to participate in all Club and VISA sponsored clinics at a fee of $50.00 a day

International Status – B

  • A sailor who has finished in the top 15% in three Core Regattas will be awarded “B” status. These top 15% of fleet finishes need to be in one boat class for two of the three events, within the last two years. This sailor is Pan Am Games Eligible
  • This sailor will receive a B stipend from VISA to be used for Approved Regattas.
  • Events deemed as Olympic Game qualifiers would also have entry fees paid by VISA if VIOC money is available. This sailor is also eligible to attend all clinics sponsored by VISA and VIOC at a fee of $50.00 a day.
  • This sailor may receive additional funding for travel, housing or coaching from the VIOC, if it is available, to attend Olympic Game qualifying events.
  • “B” Sailor is Pan American Games Eligible.

Olympic Status – A

  • An athlete who has achieved B Status and has qualified for the Youth Pan AM / Olympics, Pan Am Games, or Olympics (Not through Universality Process)
  • Coaching, whenever possible and practical.
  • “A” status terminates after the Games and must be reestablished for each game.
  • In conjunction with the VIOC, will endeavor to provide for travel, entry fee, and boat rental expenses to at least one pre-game event./li>


  • Must be a resident of the USVI as per the VIOC by-laws and World Sailing.
  • Must have submitted a resume to VISA, including schedule of events that show their training towards the games in which they wish to represent the USVI within the appropriate time frame set under the “Administration” section.
  • Any athlete intending to compete in a boat class of the games that does not have a recognized VISA class must inform VISA at least 2 years prior to any games or ASAP after the boat selection for the intended games is announced.
  • VISA will sanction sailors who have achieved the appropriate status for each of the following events:
    • Regional Games: CAC, Beach Games, Youth Pan Am Games
    • World Games: Olympics, Youth Olympics, World Sailing Championship
      • If necessary, VISA will either hold local qualifiers or more favorably select specific off island events as qualifiers that fit into the submitted training schedules of those Athletes that express interest in representing
        the USVI.

Youth Worlds

  • Shall make their intent known to VISA and present a choice of boat and training schedule at least 9 months before the event.
  • USVI Qualifiers for each class will be designated by each USVI class association.
  • There will be no additional funding for this event outside of the Athletes status level.

Central American Caribbean (CAC) Games (2 years preceding Olympics)

  • 2026 – Dominican Republic (June 23 – July 8, 2026)
  • Athletes must make their intent known to VISA and present a choice of boat and training schedule not less than 1 year prior to the games.
  • VIOC pays for travel, rental, accommodations, and possibly more.

Pan American Games (1 year preceding Olympics)

  • 2027 Barranquila, Columbia (July 2 – July 18, 2027)
  • Athletes interested in sailing at the Pan American Games must make their intent known to VISA and present a choice of a boat and training schedule no less than 2 years before the event.
  • VISA will work with the VIOC to provide as much help as possible to prepare the sailors for these Games.

Youth (14 -18) and Olympic Games

  • Athletes interested in sailing at the Youth Olympics and Olympics must make their intent known to VISA and present a choice of boat and training schedule at least 2 years before the event.
  • VISA will work with the VIOC to provide as much help as possible to prepare the sailors for these Games, once qualified for the game (not through Universality process).
  • Athletes must be actively trying to attend the CAC and the Pan Am Games where their class of boats are available.

Core Events, Continental, and World Championships

  • Athletes with an “A” or “B” status are encouraged to work with VISA to provide additional funding, when available.

Sailing Resume Example

VISA Status Sailing Resume

[Sailor Name]

[Contact Information, including email address]

2022ILCA 6
US Open Sailing SeriesJan 15-17, 2200 Ft LauderdaleILCA 6136220%
US Open Sailing SeriesFeb 3-6, 2022 ClearwaterILCA 6178021%
Mid Winters East ChampionshipMarch 9-13,2022 St Pete FLILCA 610th1188%
ILCA Youth Easter MeetingApril 13-16, 2022, Fraglia Vela Malcesine, ItalyILCA 64315527%
ILCA North AmericansJune 30 – July 4, 2022 Cork CanadaILCA 6101188%
ILCA 6 Youth World ChampionshipsJuly 23–July 30, 2022ILCA 65915637%
Houston Texas
ILCA 4.7 Youth World ChampionshipsAug 13 – 20, 2022
Vilamoura, PortugalILCA 4.74827217%
2022 Orange BowlDec 26- 30, 2022, Coconut Grove, FLILCA 63rd1132%
2023ILCA 6
US Open Sailing Series (LOCR)Jan 14-16, 2200 Ft LauderdaleILCA 6148716%
US Open Sailing Series ClearwaterFeb 1 – 5 Clearwater FLILCA 6116516%
Youth ChampsJune 26-30th, Bristol RIILCA 67977%
North AmericansJuly 14 – 16th, Long Beach CAILCA 6106615%
US NationalsAug 3 -6th, Lake St. Claire MIILCA 62912%

When submitting resumes:

  • Resumes are to be submitted in June each year.
  • Resumes may be updated in December of that year, any resume received between December and June will be considered in June for the following year.
  • Please go through all results and put qualifying events in bold print
  • Please put results in chronological order.
  • Results from the past 2 years will be considered.
  • Along with the submitted resume, please read the VIOC by-laws and the VISA by-laws. The athlete will be required to sign a form stating you have read and understood these by-laws as well as the VISA Status Guidelines.

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