You may have heard some of the junior sailors expressing their excitement about the new Open Bic sailing dinghies that have arrived at the St Croix Yacht Club through the generosity of the Virgin Island Sailing Association (VISA)

The Bic is designed specifically for juniors, our little dinghy has blown a big breath of fresh air through our sailing world, close to the new-generation skiff concept, very fast and very simple. 100% open, self-bailing, rapid and responsive, with an up-to-date versatile rig, the O’pen BIC offers kids a machine that delivers maximum fun while helping them learn the skills and reflexes to enjoy racing on current, high-performance equipment.

Watch how much fun they are here.

The St Croix Yacht club will be offering Bic sailing classes on Fridays.

Limited spots available – sign up on our website (Hot Link)

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